Plantebasert kosthold for sunnere hjerte

Forskning om plantebasert kosthold og barn

«Godt sammensatt vegetarkost kan dekke behovet for næringsstoffer for barn i alle aldre.»

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Oversiktssider og nettsider til ulike organisasjoner og fagpaneler

Vegan Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childhood. Reed Mangels, PhD, RD and Katie Kavanagh-Prochaska, Dietetic Intern Vegetarian Resource Group
Description: Summary of considerations for the vegan diet during pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood. Includes nutrient needs and meal planning tips. Available in electronic format only.

Melanie Wilson. Eating Wisely: Raising a Vegetarian Child New Beginnings, Vol. 17 No. 4 July-August 2000,pp. 131-133, 151
Description: Practical information on vegetarian children. Includes information on sources of specific nutrients

Vegan Diets for Children. Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group, Issues in Vegetarian Dietetics. Carol M. Coughlin, RD
Summary: Nutritional considerations for vegan infants, children, and adolescents.

-Vegetarian Resource Group. Nutrition
Description: Resources on feeding vegan children, healthy fast food for preschoolers,
school lunch, and vegan infants. Also includes food guides for infants and children.

Kids’ Health for Parents, The Nemours Foundation
Description:Pros and cons of a vegetarian diet for children, advice for specific age groups including infants and toddlers.

Teen Vegetarians-Facts for Parents. University of Maine System. UMaine Cooperative Extension.
Description: Includes information for parents about vegetarian diets for teenagers.

Kids’ Health for Parents. The Nemours Foundation
Description:Information for parents on vegetarian diets for adolescents.

Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers. The Vegetarian Resource Group

-Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.  A Parent and Teenager Guide to Vegetarianism
Description: Information on vegetarian children and teenagers including a suggested food guide.