steel cut havregryn

Potensiell bruk av fullkorn i samfunnsernæring

Vi har sendt innspill til NNR 2022 kapittel om korn.

Physicians’ and nutrition experts’ association Food for the health.

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The new products of whole grains – dairy and meat alternatives – potential for the public health

In the future, the whole grain’s importance for public/community nutrition and health should not be limited to traditional products only.

New products, such as oat milk, oat yogurt and other alternatives to animal products made from oats and maybe other grains (oat milk in Sweden and oat meat in Finland). And their potential should be considered. Today some of these products are ultra-processed, and thus less healthy. It doesn’t have to be this way – oat milk, oat yoghurt and oat cheese, oat meat can contain the whole grain.

Some research is being done on this, namely on how to make products that are both healthy, modern and attractive. ( ). Protein content in oats is quite high – about 11 percents. And content of essential amino acid lysin is higher than in other cereals.

As of today, most of the oats that are grown (in Norway) are used to make livestock feed

Sweden and Finland are among the world’s ten largest exporters of oats.
When the population in the Nordic region consumes an unhealthy amount of saturated fat (which mainly comes from dairy and red meat). Both dairy and red meat can be replaced by oat milk, oat cheese and oat meat. These should be made with whole grains and not ultra-processed.

Policy makers should focus and invest in research (RCT) and development of such new whole cereals products – healthy alternatives to dairy and meat.